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iPad Repair - Screen, Battery & Other Repair Services

iPad Repair - Screen, Battery & Other Repair Services

iPad Repair - Screen, Battery & Other Repair Services

iPad Repair

Professional iPad repair. We repair iPad screens, battery, fix charging port and more! Serving Weston and nearby areas. Our certified techs are here to help. Whether you use your iPad for work, entertainment, or keeping life organized. Specializing only in Apple devices, Fix Apple Now offers best Apple iPad repair service in the industry. Expert Apple repair specialists.

We can run diagnostics and find the problem quickly. Many times, if we have the parts in stock we can fix your iPad the same day or for major problems less than 48 hours. Visit our store or ship it to us for fast and effective service.


Premium 8 Hours Turnaround Repair Services

Our iPad Repair Service

When you bring your iPad to our store for repair, we will check it in and test it beforehand. After diagnostics, we will discuss how to fix it, how much it will cost, and how long it will take. We will then ask for your approval. If you approve the repair, we will proceed to replace the broken part and test the iPad to make sure it is working properly. We offer the most affordable iPad repair prices in the area because we buy parts in bulk and pass the savings on to you. Visit our repair shop or give us a call.

Most Common Repairs:


iPad Screen Repair & Replacement 

If you have an iPad that needs the screen replaced then Fix Apple Now can help. Our thoroughly trained technician can fix your iPad screen in 6 hours. If your iPad has any of the following problems: a broken front glass, a damaged LCD, vertical lines on the screen, distorted images, problems with the touch functionality, or other similar issues; we can fix them all! The damage usually occurs when the tablet is dropped, hit, bent or when attempting repairs without the appropriate tools and methods. Pay us a visit or call today!

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iPad Battery Replacement

Does your iPad battery drain faster than usual, charges very slowly or may be it shows only the apple logo and shuts off?  Those are signs that your iPad battery needs to be replaced. Our iPad battery replacement service will replace your old battery for a new one. Once we have placed the new battery, we will run various tests to ensure it is working properly.

Get Your iPad Fixed Quickly and Affordably Near You

If you live or work near Weston or its surroundings, Fix Apple Now is just 25 minutes away and can help if you need to fix, restore, mend, reset or repair a broken Apple iPad near you. We have years of experience behind us when it comes to returning iPads to their former glory and have a proven ability to deal with a host of issues successfully.



How much does it cost to fix a iPad?

This is entirely dependent on the circumstances surrounding your repair and the parts to be replaced. We will be happy to provide you with a free estimate.

Is it worth it to replace iPad battery?

Replacing a iPad battery is much easier and cheaper than buying a whole new tablet. You will save time and money.

Is it worth fixing a iPad?

If your device is not older than 5 years is almost always better from a financial perspective to fix a iPad rather than purchasing a whole new one.


Where can i repair my iPad?

You can get your iPad repaired near you, at our nearest location, visit our store for fast turnaround repairs or give us a call.

How do I get my iPad repaired?

You can either book us by calling or bring your tablet into our store directly. Walk-ins are welcome.

How long would it take to repair your iPad?

Most repairs will be completed within 4-8 hours. For major repairs, we will strive to deliver your fixed device in less than 48 hours.

Diagnostic Service and free quote.

Not sure if your iPad is broken? Or maybe you think there’s something wrong and cannot figure it out. We’ll run a series of tests to find out exactly what the issue is. After diagnostic we will move towards how to fix, how much it will cost and how long would it take.

We only use Best High Quality Parts

Another essential aspect of our company is the fact that only best high quality parts are used. Using high quality parts not only makes your iPad perform the same way as before, it also reduces the risk of malfunctioning as it often happens when fake parts are used. Our number one rule is to use best quality parts as it indeed helps in maintaining the integrity of your iPad.

Customer Approval for Repairs.

No repairs will be done without receiving your permission to proceed with repairs, and you approve the quote. If you decided not to get your product repaired, we will pack up your product and return it. You pay only after the repair is done.

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