What’s Next after the iPhone 7?

iphone 7
Only days after the tech world has been abuzz with the news of Apple’s release of their newest phone, the iPhone 7 – some folks are already speculating what’s next for the Cupertino company. The iPhone 7 offers #appleaddicts a 12MP camera, dual cameras on the iPhone 7 Plus, optical image stabilization, wide color gamut, longer battery life (ever in an iPhone), a new stereo speaker system and splash and water resistant protection.

But, after some features of the iPhone 7 were leaked to the press, some Apple fans decided to wait for what’s around the corner for the next iPhone upgrade. Apple is expected to offer some cool, new features on the iPhone 7s option or the iPhone 8. Next year is also the 10-year anniversary of the iPhone release, so the iPhone 8 may have a few bells and whistles that the iPhone 7 just didn’t get.

Here are a few predictions for the next iPhone upgrade:

Complete Redesign

The iPhone 7 has a slew of upgraded features, but with the exception of the sold-out jet black color, everything looks similar to the iPhone 6 model. Possibly, at next year’s iPhone release, Apple may introduce a complete redesign of the exterior. Some industry insiders are expecting a complete edge-to-edge display that will eliminate the top and bottom empty space, which currently houses the home screen button and forward facing camera. These features are expected to be embedded into the edge-to-edge display in a possible radical remodel.

If you wait for the 8, you could also land wireless charging capabilities, which Apple is suspected to still be honing for the anniversary device.

Biometric Features

Apple impressed the world with its touch recognition feature on the iPhone 6s, and although no plans have been announced to include new biometric features on the iPhone 7, they are expected. Some techie insiders believe the iPhone 8 will feature either iris scanning or facial recognition tools to provide even more security from the lock screen.

iPhone Display

The iPhone 7 features a familiar display with a re-engineered home button, multi-touch display with IPS technology and fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating. But the next model of the iPhone is rumored to have a flexible OLED display. In fact, some industry insiders report Apple has already signed with a manufacturer in order to begin developing flex new displays, so perhaps this is more than just a rumor. What exactly is a flexible OLED display? It’s made from either plastic, metal or flexible glass, but is very lightweight and durable.

In the past, there were rumors that the iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 would have a shatterproof, sapphire display, but it seems Apple might be holding out to introduce a more indestructible display on the iPhone 8.

Green Apple Opportunity

As consumers become more eco-conscious, it’s surprising the most innovative company in the world has not introduced green features on their phones as of yet. The iPhone 7 did not have any green upgrades, but this is a rumored feature on next year’s release. Some industry insiders believe next year’s model will have solar power capabilities, so phones can charge just by being exposed to the sunlight. This would certainly be a huge change, and most likely welcomed by customers around the world.

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