List of iOS 10 Features with iPhone 7


We finally got an iPhone 7 in our hot little hands. Yes, all the reports that state “the iPhone 7 is a lot like its predecessor” are true. The design is identical with the exception of the newly designed camera, plus there is an additional lens on the iPhone 7 Plus. The new “jet black” color is flashy but fragile, as it is prone to scratches. But, once you slip on a new case, it will look just like the iPhone 6 anyway. What do you think of the new iOS 10 upgrade that’s available?

The quick and dirty of iPhone 7 and iOS 10

The guts of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are pretty Apple-amped with faster processors, higher megapixel lenses, and slightly larger batteries. At the end of the day, we don’t miss the headphone jack as much as we thought we would – the AirPods are pretty cool and hey – no cords required. Indeed, we live in a wireless world and we continue to move away from the cord more and more. With every upgrade, Apple offers more convenience and less hassle.

With the iOS 10, Apple users will discover more personal touch features in Messages, a faster way to stay organized and some really cool benefits with Apple supported apps. But the most important thing about the iOS 10 upgrade is whether #appleaddicts will feel like it makes life’s to-do list easier is to manage. Does the new iOS 10 do enough to help streamline communications, update our calendars and access what we need quickly? Sure the camera helps capture the things we like and love, but will it make us feel closer to our friends? Will the iOS 10 be the next wave of cool-factor?

We think so, but you be the judge.

iOS updates and features

You don’t need an iPhone 7 to update your phone. As long as you have enough memory and you aren’t still lugging around an iPhone 4, you should be fine. USA Today has praised the top features of the new iPhone iOS 10 upgrade, highlighting ten tweaks that make the upgrade major. There are a ton of cool features, but be ready because after the change you might be lost on your phone for a bit. Check sound levels, ringtones and other personal settings after you update to iOS 10. If you have purchased the iPhone 7, you shouldn’t have an issue getting around on the new device, as it is similar to previous models.

Short list of the things you’ll notice with the iOS update:

  1. Recurring Bedtime alarm feature
  2. “Hey Siri” now only activates one device at a time
  3. App downloads can be prioritized
  4. Unlimited tabs in Safari
  5. Faster Camera launch
  6. Read receipts by conversation in Messages
  7. Live Photos stabilization
  8. New Photos app can recognize over 4,000 types of objects and seven facial expressions
  9. Location recommendations in Calendar
  10. There’s a system-wide “look up” feature
  11.  Conversation views in Mail
  12. Markup in Messages
  13. Side-by-side Mail composes for iPad
  14. Live Filters for Live Photos
  15. Sort Favorites in Apple News
  16. Get notifications on where you last parked your car
  17. iCloud Drive Desktop folder
  18. Apple Pay is available in Safari
  19. Improved find feature in Messages
  20. Ability to avoid tolls in Maps
  21. There is a mailbox column
  22. Send attachments faster in Messages
  23. No Game Center app, but service is available
  24. “Press home to unlock” replaces “Slide to unlock”
  25. Messages Read receipts available for individual Contacts
  26. New keyboard sound available
  27. Option for cellular data in 3D Touch Quick Actions
  28. iCloud Drive Documents folder
  29. Take photos while listening to music
  30. Optimized storage for Music
  31. iOS 10 kernel is left unencrypted intentionally
  32. Widgets now show up on left side of Home screen, as well as left side on Lock screen, and even on left side of Notification Center system-wide
  33. Flashlight control offers Low Light, Medium Light, Bright Light options
  34. New file system is called ‘Apple File System’
  35. Notifications for specific publishers in Apple News app
  36. More than 100 new Emojis available
  37. You can close all tabs in Safari at once by tapping and holding the tabs button
  38. Can quickly search bookmarks and Reading List in Safari
  39. The song lyrics are available in Apple Music
  40. Calendar can recommend other events based on prior events

There are more iOS 10 features available for your Apple devices and together with the new sweet iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, we think you’ll have your hands full for a while.