The Truth Behind Apple Help Myths

The Truth Behind Apple Help Myths

Is it possible to actually fix a phone to make it as good as new? Do repairs take forever to complete? How much damage can a cracked screen really do to an Apple device? There are a lot of myths out there about Apple help companies, so how do you know how to separate fact from fiction? Here’s the truth behind some of these common Apple help myths:

It’s ok to use an Apple device with a cracked screen.

If the LCD is broken, the iPhone will not be usable. However when it is just the glass that is cracked (and the LCD still works), Apple users sometimes go days or even weeks using devices with cracks in the screen. These users believe that as long as they are fine with the way the device looks with a cracked screen, they don’t need to get Apple help.

However, fixing a cracked screen is about more than changing the way a device looks. Any cracks in the screen leave the device vulnerable to dust, dirt and liquids that could cause major damage to the logic board. Also, the further a crack spreads, the less you’ll be able to see on the screen. Over time, these cracks could cause rainbow effects on the screen and seriously impact your ability to use the device. If you have a crack on your screen, seek Apple help as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

Your phone will never be the same after Apple help.

Many Apple customers believe that Apple help is only a temporary fix to the phone. They are under the impression that getting professional help will make the phone functional again, but it will never operate as good as new again. Luckily, this is not the case! Apple help professionals are able to completely repair most issues with iPhones and other devices. When your device is returned to you, it will be working just as it was before the accident. These are not temporary fixes, and you should never let a company who sells you a temporary fix work on your phone. Don’t let this myth convince you to spend tons of money on buying a new phone instead of inexpensively fixing the one that you have.

Apple help repairs take too long.

Some people avoid getting their device fixed even if they are experiencing major problems because they fear how long the repair will take to be complete. The next available appointment at your local Apple Store can be 3-4 days away.

Some third party repair companies, including Fix Apple Now, promise customers quick turnaround times and quality work, especially for simple repairs. In fact, Fix Apple Now can complete most iPhone screen repairs within one hour! If you visit an Apple help professional who claims that the repair will take days or even weeks, it’s best to shop around. Although some repairs are more serious and do require more time to complete, the majority of them can be done quickly.

If you’re ever in need of Apple help, trust the techs at Fix Apple Now to repair your LCD, cracked glass, battery, home button, power button, audio jack and more. There is a 90-day warranty on repairs. #FixAppleNow