Apple Music Touts Discounts for Students

AppleMusicTouts-Discounts for-Students
Madonna said it best, “music makes the people come together.” And these days, the music is mostly streaming. In order to keep up with the competition, Apple has no plans of slowing that mission down with its new summer promotion targeting students by offering students a major discount on its Apple Music program.

It Pays to be a Student

Starting in summer ‘16, Apple Music’s new student membership option will discount the service by 50 percent. The new promotion by Apple should help drive a new group of music enthusiast subscribers to its streaming music service. The online music competition is fierce and Apple is looking to better equip its clientele due to the competition, including Pandora, Spotify and SoundCloud. The student plan gives students something to write home about, by discounting the service by 50 percent for those who are actively enrolled in an eligible university or college.

How to choose the best streaming network

According to CNET, you should consider the music catalog, ways that streaming is available and look for discounts and trial period offers. Teens and college students account for a large percentage of the streaming population. So, offering university or college students half price memberships helps boost numbers in the right direction. The music service certainly has gone the extra mile to lure fans to its music streaming service. Apple Music also supports the ability to download and store music you’ve uploaded to your iTunes library and purchased from iTunes. The service can either scan your notebook or computer for music you already have on hand or allow you manually upload your favorite music files. Once your music library is uploaded accordingly, members can play the files along with other favorite streaming options.

Apple Music targets students around the world

The good thing about Apple Music, is that they know how to reach out worldwide. The half price promo option doesn’t only apply to students in the U.S.  Around the world, students in other countries, including Germany, England, Ireland, Denmark, and Australia will also get the discount. Regardless of their pricing structure, Apple Music will offer the new membership option for streaming services. Apple Music is priced slightly different in other worldwide markets so, by eliminating a dollar figure, the company can remain flexible and provide 50 percent off the standard subscription price.

Other perks to Apple Music

Apple Music lets up to six people share the same membership for a total of $14.99 per month, so if you are a student, this may be a cheaper way to go if parents are paying the bill. Since streaming is more convenient than lugging around a music collection and keeping playlists organized, folks are turning to subscription services for faster, click and play listening options. With roughly 10 million subscribers and over 37 million songs in the available library, Apple Music continues to upgrade and finesse its subscription. It offers radio streaming, which brings a Pandora-like option, versus Spotify which continues to let the member create its own song selections. After a new member creates his or her Apple Music account, the user will be prompted to select favorite artists so the service can begin to learn music tastes. According to Nielsen Audio, college students account for almost half of Internet users that will look for music via streaming. Regardless if you are a student or not, Apple Music seems to offer plenty of reasons to stream. “Hey Mr. DJ, put a record on.”

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