It Doesn’t Take a Genius Bar

It doesnt take a genius bar
Most Apple Retail employees are called Specialists, but in actuality, they are retail employees that deal with customer issues day in and out. Some customers know what they want, others don’t have a clue and concoct blame towards Apple because their email password doesn’t work.

Retail can be a tough business, but combine that with tech support and training and you have the Apple Genius Bar. So, the question comes down to – do you really need to visit an Apple Store and sit down at the Genius Bar to get Apple service or can you find other Apple resources to help fix your computer? How do you find reliable Apple experts outside of Apple’s overcrowded retail outlets?

Apple Quality Counts

When you buy Apple products, you know you are investing in longevity. Apples to apples, whether you get an iPad, MacBook Pro, iMac, Apple TV, Time Capsule, Airport, iPod, Apple Watch or iPhone, you know you are getting a quality product. But, Apples to oranges, there are a zillion reasons some folks prefer not to travel down the PC road. If you have purchased AppleCare Protection Plans for your Apple devices, you have made a very good decision. AppleCare and AppleCare+ extend your service coverage and helps deliver one-stop service and support from Apple experts. But what if you don’t have a protection plan or your notebook is way past the expiration date of your AppleCare? Well, then you have options.

You can belly up to the Genius Bar or you can find a reasonable, affordable and reputable local Apple technician expert to help you fix any device.

AppleCare helps at the Genius Bar

When you buy an Apple product with hardware, such as a Mac or an iPad, be confident that you are in good hands. Apple offers a one-year hardware warranty and 90 days of free phone-based tech support, starting from the date of purchase. As an add-on purchase, you can get extra protection with AppleCare Protection and AppleCare+ Protection.

AppleCare+ for  iPhone extends your coverage to two years from the original purchase date of your iPhone. You are covered for up to two incidents of accidental damage coverage. The cost is $79 for the iPhone SE, iPhone 6 or earlier models and $99 for iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus.

AppleCare+ for the iPad extends the coverage from one year to two. Again, you are allowed  up to two incidents of accidental damage coverage for a fee $49 per incident.

You can still visit the Genius Bar, even without AppleCare coverage, but if it may not be a free visit.

For Macs, monitors and displays, AppleCare offers a total of three years of support and extends phone support by 33 months by extending the limited warranty by two years (for a total of three years). For all other products like your iPads, iPods, and iPhones, (don’t forget Apple TV) your AppleCare coverage provides two years of built-in support.

Out of warranty, but not out of business.

What happens when Apple coverage expires? If you don’t have a convenient Apple store nearby, there’s news – you don’t need a Genius Bar to fix your Apple.

Your best bet is to find affordable repairs at a reputable Apple tech store, read the reviews. You don’t have to visit the Genius Bar every time you need a little help. There are certified Apple techs who offer quick and convenient service. Whereas, at a busy Apple store, you might wait a couple days to see someone at the Genius Bar. There are a few ways to secure a reputable Apple tech and one is to get references. If the shop offers mail-in options for tech service, don’t hesitate to call the shop first and talk to a professional. Ask questions and find out how much it will cost. Many reputable mail-in services will even pay for half of the shipping. Sure saves a trip to the Genius Bar. You could be up and running with a local Apple tech that can fix your Mac within 48 hours.

Whether you own one Apple product or several, at the end of the day, you need reliable, professional repair options for the inevitable. Consider Fix Apple Now for mail-ins or drop off repairs. Fix Apple Now can help with cracked screens, hardware issues, upgrades and RAM support. We also sell refurbished Apple products at affordable prices. #FixAppleNow