Apple Help: Protect Your iPhone This Summer

Apple Help: Protect Your iPhone This Summer

What are your plans for the summer? Hanging out with friends by the beach? Or getting in the best shape of your life so you can rock your favorite bikini? Everyone plans on having fun during the summer, but no one plans on having to get Apple help to repair a damaged iPhone. Unfortunately, many common summer scenarios can cause damage and put you in desperate need of Apple help. To avoid these possible issues, follow these tips:

Working out.

Do you hit the treadmill or the nature trail with your iPhone in hand? Although bringing your iPhone along for a workout is a great way to listen to music and keep in touch with friends, you may be in need of Apple help if your phone becomes damaged during rigorous activities. How can a phone become damaged during a workout? As you hit that final stretch of your run, you could accidentally drop your phone, smashing it onto the ground. Or, the sweat on your hands could cause damage to the phone’s interior. Avoid the need for Apple help by protecting your phone during workouts with a hands-free armband or holster.


Even if you keep your iPhone safely on a towel, a trip to the beach often requires Apple help after a beach day. Why? Sand. Tiny sand particles may not seem that dangerous, but when they make their way inside your phone, they can cause serious issues. To protect your phone during a day at the beach and avoid the need for Apple help, keep your iPhone in a sealed pocket inside your beach bag. Try not to bring it out until you have rinsed the sand from your body so no particles can fall onto the phone.


One of the most common reasons why people need Apple help is water damage. During the summer, many incidents see people jumping into pools and bodies of water without taking their phones out of the pocket. If you plan on hitting the beach, pool or water park this summer, it may be wise to invest in a waterproof iPhone case that may prevent you from needing Apple help. Even if you don’t think you’ll be spending too much time around water, you may want to get one of these cases anyways. After all, summer is the peak time for sudden, afternoon rainstorms that could also damage your phone if it’s unprotected.


The iPhone can easily overheat, especially in hot summer temperatures. To avoid the need for Apple help, don’t leave your iPhone or other Apple devices exposed to the sun. Always try to keep them covered and if possible, in a cool area. When you’re sunning on the beach, put your phones away instead of leaving them on a towel with the sun glaring down on their screens. Extremely hot temperatures can cause battery damage, so play it cool this summer. The iPhone should shut itself off when temperatures become too hot, but this doesn’t mean the heat won’t cause damage.

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