iPhone iOS 9.3 Basics for Apple Help

iPhone iOS 93 Basics for Apple Help

Depending on your age and how long you have been using smart devices, some people require more Apple help than others. If you have recently bought your first Apple iPhone, most likely you are trying to navigate an iPhone 5 or 6s. Since the launch of the iPhone, the device has evolved and for some, it has become more complicated. Taking the time to read the iPhone User Manual for Apple help seems daunting and tedious, but if you can learn some of the basics, you might not need as much Apple help while you learn to use your iPhone.

Apple devices running on iOS 8.4 software offer different functions than the current iOS 9.3 software upgrade. For instance, the 9.3 touts that the latest upgrade may even be able to help you get a better night’s sleep. Make sure you upgrade your device to the most current iOS.

iOS 9.3 offers Night Shift

This iiPhone-iOS-93-Basics-for-Apple-Help-3s a basic setting for a basic need – a good night’s sleep. Night Shift is found in Display & Brightness on your settings. It automatically iPhone-iOS-93-Basics-for-Apple-Help-2shiftsthe colors of your  display to warmer tones of the color spectrum after it becomes dark. This can help some folks get a better night’s sleep. Apple found through sleep studies that exposure to bright, blue lights can affect your sleeping patterns. With Apple help, you can find your settings easy by tapping on the silver gear icon.


If you are notably an #appleaddict, you might find it difficult to put your iPhone down after you have gone to bed. Night Shift helps your eyes with a dimmer, warmer display that you can control by sliding the setting to Less Warm or More Warm, depending on your preferences.

Notes is protected

Some people store passwords, financial information and other private messages in the Notes app that is offered on every iPhone device. If you use this app for confidential data, now 9.3 offers a way to protect it. The iOS upgrade is only available to those who are running the most current operating system on their Mac.

Basic News features

If you like to read the news, now Apple has streamlined it for personalization. Apple help forums can help you configure your news feed, so that you read what you want. The 9.3 upgrade for your iPhone offers a “For You” section that is tailored to your news preferences. And Apple helps you by offering trending topics in the “For You” section, plus top Editor’s Picks. When a story has a video available, you can now play it right from your news feed.

Stay fit with Apple Help

With so many fit applications and devices available, Apple had to step up its health game and offer more healthy choices for Apple owners. With the new upgrade, Apple help offers Third-party apps to help track your fitness routine, nutrition planning and weight loss. The Health app dashboard helps you track all of your fitness and health data.

Knowing the basics of your iPhone device will help owners get the most out of their device. Understanding how to swipe your information, save your top picks and protect your data is essential for all users. Consult your users guide for Apple help to learn how to perform basics.