The Gist of Apple Music

Apple Music

With the competition for streaming getting more and more crowded by the minute, Apple Music has had to up the ante on its music program by offering better streaming offers, discounts for students and free trial periods to help get folks hooked on 43 million songs.

Get into the beat with Genius.

If the iTunes player on your desktop keeps all your music organized, then good for you – you’ve gone digital. Instead of having to sort through stacks of CDs or for a few, vinyl albums, your digital files are fully accessible on your computer. Importing into iTunes is fast and you can soon be browsing quickly through your music collection. With Genius, Apple’s very smart DJ of sorts, you can make playlists of your favorite songs that have similar genres. Since Genius is a free service all you have to do is turn it on each computer you own. You’ll need to be connected to the Internet, and have an Apple ID.

But the best part of Genius is when it is coupled with Apple Music. You are a click away from having 43 million opportunities to hear the power behind Genius. If you can’t decide what you want to hear, Genius can assist. If you like one genre of music – and that’s it – no problem. Apple Music will help you locate your favorite songs and Genius can help you create a playlist  to add even more.

Radio GaGa

Apple Music hopes that the radio feature will make members keep paying their monthly subscription and lure streaming fanatics from around the world to sign up. Apple wants listeners to experience radio in an entirely new way. They offer Beats 1, which is a station that offers 24/7 music led by Zane Lowe with a team of world-known DJs. Lowe came into prominence via MTV Europe and prior to hosting a global music show for over a decade on the BBC Radio 1. Radio used to be free for iTunes users with an Apple ID, but those days are long gone. But, the whole subscription to Apple Music goes a long way, so stay tuned.

Luckily, you don’t have to have Apple Music to enjoy Beats 1 because is free for everyone. You can hear the latest in music from Los Angeles, New York, and London around the clock. With an Apple Music membership, you can easily create and personalize your own radio stations that will evolve as you continue to update your music favorites.

Back your beats up

For $24.99 a year, signing up for iTunes Match can help save you from losing your iTunes library. This is important when changing out devices, having to wipe your computer and start over or if your hard drive crashes. By paying a nominal amount, your entire music library, even songs you’ve uploaded from CDs are backed up on Apple’s iCloud.

Devices, deals and downloads

Apple offers Apple Music for Android devices, but unfortunately, it’s not free. Another feature that stands out on Apple Music is Connect, a socially driven part of Apple Music, helps members feel like they are a part of a musician’s life from the ongoing, updated posts from artists about their music, inspirations and work.

To save money, Family Sharing can help reduce the cost per member to the low fee of $14.99 a month for up to six members. Low costs have kept Apple Music in the running since it’s main competitor, Spotify only allows two people per membership and ultimately Apple Music is proving worthwhile because of the seemingly endless library.

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