iPhone 7 Rumors, Specs and Features Galore

iPhone 7 Rumors and Features

It never fails. Apple announces the new iPhone 7 is coming and we start searching for as much information about the device as possible. If you’re digging for new rumors, specs and features of the new Apple iPhone 7, well then you’re in luck – this blog is all about it.

We’ve compiled the best rumors on the internet about the iPhone 7 and found some fun features that should pique your interest. If you are in the market to buy a new iPhone this fall, take a look at what we found out.

The low down: features for iPhone 7

The release date should be traditionally around September, 2016, but the month is strictly spec at this point.  So far, we have heard numerous reports that the new iPhone 7 will be thinner and similar in design to the iPhone 6s (or Plus). It should feature a new dual-camera system, redesigned antenna lines and expect 32GB base storage with a 256GB option.

Bad news for some Apple users is the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack. Who knows if this deletion in the design will recruit new Apple users or lose a few faithfuls. Regardless, it clearly shows that Apple is staying on trend to prepare us for a more wireless world. We’ve heard there will be a new color option called, ‘Space Black’ and a new design for the Force Touch Home Button. Hopefully, the Apple engineering team has improved the overall feature of Force Touch on the new iPhone 7 to navigate consistently.

Bluetooth technology

According to Forbes, Apple has been working on a sophisticated chip for several years in order to improve wireless capabilities. The iPhone 7 is speculated to offer wireless EarPods with a custom “low-power” Bluetooth chip in order to provide a longer battery life. The last leak released that Apple would launch the new device and bluetooth upgrade during the week of September 12.

Looks aren’t everything

When a new Apple device comes out, folks frequently look at the new design of the model first, but rumor has it that not much will change on the appearance of the iPhone 7. Expectations for soaring sales have been wavering and some reports speculate that with the removal of the headphone jack and lack of new design for the iPhone 7 may cause Apple to experience lower sales than usual.

Other reports put a positive nod to previous releases that have always helped increase Apple sales. Many speculate that the iPhone 7 will lure in long lines, no different from previous launches.

The cost of doing business

With Apple stocks down, the Cupertino company needs #appleaddicts to get on the upgrade bandwagon. Time magazine suggests that Apple stocks are down because wireless carriers are to blame, because more people are feeling the deeper cost of phones. (i.e. payment plans) Folks may feel inclined to keep their devices longer without upgrading after paying off a higher price.

Apple has been trying to combat wireless carriers that effect upgrades by offering a leasing program of sorts, but the jury is still out on whether or not it’s working. Apple isn’t the only one feeling the pinch – all smart device manufacturers are facing similar issues because customers seem to be holding onto their phones longer.

iPhone 7 or iPhone 8?

BGR.com states, “The upcoming iPhone 7 has arguably been subject to more speculation than any previous iPhone release, in large part because many analysts and pundits believe that we may have finally hit ‘peak iPhone.” If this is the case, Apple may need to up the ante with the release of iPhone 8. There have already been rumors that Apple is already preparing to launch the iPhone 8 with a waterproof feature versus, at this point, there are no rumors that the iPhone 7 will be able to swim.

What are you planning to do? Buy the 7 or wait for the 8?

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