Protective Accessories can Help Prevent an Apple Phone Repair


After spending money on an iPhone, the next step is to load up with the appropriate accessories in order to protect and enhance it. Most likely your iPhone came with ear buds and a charger, but you might consider a case and screen protector to help prevent Phone repair needs. It’s important to know that are getting a quality iPhone repair. Comparatively, Phone repair costs for a new screen on your device are more expensive than one of the best screen protectors available.

Screen protectors

You can help avoid cracking your screen with a screen protector, which in turn, can help prevent Phone repair needs. A screen protector is a clear plastic sheet that adheres to the front of your iPhone’s specially made screen, which is made of potassium to create its “ion-strengthened glass. According to Forbes, Apple turned to using potassium in order to develop a stronger material that is designed to be damage-resistant. But, even though the iPhone screen is further enhanced with other elements, including indium, tin and oxygen, providing functionality to the touch screen, it still needs to be protected from daily wear and tear. Plastic is cut to fit the exact shape of your iPhone with holes allotted for buttons and your speaker. You will need to find the exact screen protector to fit whatever model you own. Getting a screen protector may save you a trip to the repair store for a cracked or chipped device.

Applying a screen protector

Applying a screen protector is relatively easy once you clean your it with an approved screen cleaner (such as iKlear) using a microfiber cloth. Simply press it on top of the iPhone screen, smooth out to the edges with a hard plastic card (such as a credit card) and you are ready to go. Be careful to position the protector so that the holes are aligned properly and lays flat on the screen without bubbles. To get rid of remaining bubbles, try to run a dry microfiber cloth over the screen protector several times to smooth out the air. If for any reason the protector isn’t sticking to your phone, replace it with a new one. If the backing isn’t sticky, it may fall off. Save yourself a trip to the repair store by paying a bit more for a better quality tempered glass screen protector.

No dings, no worries.

With so many options, how do you know you are buying the best screen protector? The last thing you want is to apply one that doesn’t work and results in an Phone repair. There are basically three kinds of screen protectors: some offer a basic coating of plastic that protects against scratching, dings and general wear and tear. Next up, is an HDX model, which resembles glass and provides shatter protection. The best, of course is fortified tempered glass, which offers maximum clarity and helps prevent repair costs. These protectors can run you in the range of approximately $1 (for a pack of 5) to $50 each based on quality.

According to, tempered glass is almost always stronger than plastic screen protectors, but is still fallible to cracks. Although, at the end of the day, it is still easier and cheaper to replace a screen protector, versus taking a visit to the repair shop to have your glass screen restored on any smart device.

The whole kit and kaboodle

Protecting your device is essential, especially if you are on the go and tend to be rough on your devices. There are waterproof, rugged, durable slip covers available and some of them offer built-in screen protectors. For ultra-protection, consider a protective casing that has been through testing and premium design attributes that will help keep dirt and lint out of your ports, while offering button covers and easy-to-press touch screen protection.