How to find Reputable iPhone Repair Service


When DIY iPhone repair fails, your AppleCare has expired and you are out of Apple warranty replacements, finding a reputable iPhone technician is imperative. There are local iPhone repair services that invite walk-ins or mail-ins to fix your Apple device.

Over the last decade iPhone repair companies have popped up all over the United States, specializing in Apple devices. It’s important to find a reputable shop that specializes in, iPad, iPod, MacBook, iMac and iPhone repair. With new features, such as retina display and 3D touch technology, finding a tech that knows Apple guts inside and out is valuable.

Do your research

When you find a great Apple repair technician, it’s like striking gold. But first we have to get there. Do your research before you just hand your smart device over to someone who touts extensive experience. Look for a tech service shop that specializes in iPad, iPod and iPhone repair and knows how to fix MacBooks and iMacs, too. Check and see if the repair shop is listed in Google business and Yelp. Read the reviews. Previous customers can help determine if it’s a good fit.

Talk shop and get to know the team

Call the service technician and inquire about how many years they have worked with Apple products specifically. Find out if only one person is available to work on your iPhone repair, or if several members of the team are qualified. You might want to check and see if the iPhone repair shop employs any ex-geniuses at the shop. An Apple Genius is a certified technician that has gone through an aggressive, regimented 2-week Apple training program. Geniuses specialize in diagnostic services, component isolation and a variety of other device specific repairs. When you visit an Apple store, most people belly up to the Genius Bar for help.

Price check

Get at least three quotes for iPhone repair services. Find out if they charge hourly or a flat fee. Prices should vary based on where you live but should be pretty consistent across the board for iPhone repair services. If you are still sporting an iPhone 4 or 4S, repairs might average under $100, but for more recent versions of the iPhone, you might be charged up to $150 for a screen replacement or issue repair. Regardless, make sure the shop quotes you labor plus parts. Speaking of parts, consider asking the iPhone repair tech where they get their parts. Reputable repair shops should be able to get their parts at wholesale costs so they can pass on the savings to you.


Ask if they will guarantee the work. Parts and labor should be under a warranty for at least 90 days. Also, ask what happens if the shop breaks your iPhone and can’t fix it. If it is their fault, are you covered? Typically, a reputable shop will offer a “if we break it, we’ll buy it” policy.

Turn around time

Find out how long it will take the shop to fix your device. If it is over a week, most likely they are farming out the service. Most reputable iPhone repair shops can turn around most fixes in 24-48 hours. Repairs that require certain diagnostics, such as fixing a device damaged from liquid, could take longer and are harder to estimate how long you might have to live without your smart device.