What Are Your Options When You Need Apple Support?


Oh, no! Have you cracked the screen of your iPhone, iPad or other Apple product? Or maybe you dropped it in a water puddle while rushing to your car in a storm. Regardless of what happened to your phone, if there’s a problem, then it’s in need of repair. Luckily, there are a number of options available to you when you’re in need or professional Apple support:

Buy a new phone.

Some people view a crack in the screen or a malfunctioning button as an excuse to buy a new phone instead of taking it to an Apple support professional for repair. But, is that a smart choice? If your phone is functional outside of the minor repair that’s needed, there’s probably not a good reason why you should get a new, expensive phone. That is, unless it’s time for an upgrade with your carrier. In that case, it’s your decision whether you want to repair the phone you have with an Apple support professional, or spend a little more to get the next edition of the phone.

Fix it yourself.

There are dozens of products that claim to offer easy, do-it-yourself fixes for damaged phones. However, it’s time to face reality: you are not an Apple support professional. Even if a product claims to be a fast fix to a damaged phone, it probably isn’t. Although these repair kits do have everything you need to fix a cracked screen, it can take a long time for someone with zero experience to figure out how to actually fix it. Because of this, it may not even be worth buying a kit and wasting the time.

Take it to the Apple store.

Of course, one of the obvious choices is to take your iPhone in for Apple support at an Apple retail store. However, many people prefer to avoid bringing their devices into Apple for repair. Why? Apple can sometimes charge more than other Apple support companies, just as car dealerships charge more than many auto shops. If you can’t live without your phone for very long, you might want to go somewhere besides the Apple store. It is hard to get a last minute appointment. Also, because they want to give a quick solution that works, they often opt to wipe the iPhone or replace it, resulting in data loss. Other Apple support stores may be able to back up your data or find another solution that doesn’t require data loss.

Take it to a local Apple support store.

It can take days to get an appointment at the Apple store. Also, post warranty repair costs are often not affordable when compared to the value of the device. Many people will opt instead for a local Apple support store, like Fix Apple Now. These alternatives offer competitive pricing and quick repairs. In fact, Fix Apple Now offers a 90-day warranty, so you can assure that your devices are protected. They also price matches with local competitors, so you’ll know that you’re always getting the best deal available. From cracked screens and water damage to issues with the motherboard or keyboard, the Apple support professionals at Fix Apple Now can assist you with your repair needs.