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Mac mini Repair

Mac mini repair service

We can troubleshoot & repair any issue with your Mac mini.

Our certified technicians repair crashed hard drive, Water damaged keyboard, damaged LCD, logic board & more.

We specialize in troubleshooting and solving hardware and Mac OS X problems of Apple Mac mini computer models. At Fix Apple Now , we have a team of knowledgeable Apple logic board technicians who have extensive practical understanding and experience of component level repairs.

Do you experience any of these problems with your Mac mini – Computer is so slow, Mac mini won’t turn on, spilled water on your Mac mini, displays a blank screen, distorted or scrambled video or cracked screen, experiencing start-up or login issues, no video on the computer screen, Mac mini restarts unexpectedly, battery won’t charge, stuck or non-responsive keys, a flashing question mark appears when you start your computer; or experiencing Wi-Fi issues when using your Mac mini? If you want to transfer data over from another Mac we offer data migration or data transfer service.

Select the type of Mac mini computer for repair.

Use our mail service or stop by at our repair shop for high quality  repairs in Weston, FL