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MacBook Screen, Battery & Other Repair Services at Fix Apple Now.

MacBook Screen, Battery & Other Repair Services at Fix Apple Now.

MacBook Screen, Battery & Other Repair Services


MacBook Repair

MacBook not turning on? Broken trackpad or keyboard?

From MacBook Pro to MacBook Air; our certified techs repair screen, replace battery, speakers, fix charging port, failing hard drive and more! We specialize in troubleshooting and solving hardware and macOS problems of all Apple laptop models. If you want to transfer data over from another Apple computer we offer data migration or data transfer service, all repairs come with a warranty on parts and labor.

Do you experience any of these problems with your MacBook – Cracked screen, battery won’t charge, a flashing folder with a question mark appears when you start your laptop, experiencing start-up or login issues, distorted or scrambled video, laptop is so slow, won’t turn on, spilled water on your notebook, computer displays a blank screen, no video on the computer screen, restarts unexpectedly, stuck or non-responsive keys or experiencing Wi-Fi issues when using your MacBook? 

At Fix Apple Now, we have a team of knowledgeable Apple logic board technicians who have extensive practical understanding and experience in liquid damage and logic board repairs. We also replace keyboard, trackpad, perform macOS installation and upgrade, data recovery and anything else your MacBook may need. Fix Apple Now has been in business since 2013 and provides professional Mac laptop repair services for residential users and business clients.

Premium 24 Hours Turnaround Repair Services

Our MacBook Repair Service

When you bring your MacBook to our shop for repairs, we check it in, test it beforehand and run full diagnostics, after diagnostic we will move towards how to fix, how much it will cost, how long would it take and ask for your approval; If you approve the repair we will proceed to replace the broken parts, and then test it again to ensure everything works as expected. We offer the most affordable Apple laptop repair prices in the area because we buy parts in bulk and pass the savings on to you. Visit our repair shop or give us a call.

Most Common Repairs

MacBook Screen Repair and Replacement

Broken or cracked MacBook screen? No display or image on Apple laptop?

Our technicians can fully facilitate a MacBook screen repair. Screen repairs are one of the most popular services, fast turnaround times and competitive prices. Screen replacements requires an experienced hand and a specific set of tools. If you need to get your Mac laptop up and running as good as new, then we highly recommend that a trained professional replace the display.

Sometimes the glass and lcd are in good condition but the the backlight circuit or the screen connector cable LVD's needs to be repaired. Our technicians are fully capable to perform this repair, saving you the cost of paying for a whole new screen assembly. If the display shows no image at all or backlight, the glass is cracked or the internal lcd is broken you would need a new screen that we can provide and install.

If you need a low-cost screen repair service then contact us.

MacBook Battery Replacement

Problems with your MacBook battery? Does it drain fast or won't hold a charge?

After 1 year of use you can find that the battery doesn’t keep the charge as before. Sometimes the battery may just stop to hold the charge at all. We will replace the battery with original or OEM replacement in our store and provide you with warranty. And, unlike official Apple repair services in most cases we will complete the replacement of your laptop battery the same day if we have the battery in stock or next day.

MacBook Liquid Damage Repair

Did you accidentally spilled water on your MacBook?

Liquid or water spillage on a laptop may result in a failure of the logic board, keyboard, battery and other internal components causing performance issues and eventual computer death. MacBooks with liquid damage can be repaired by specialized Apple repair experts. Our logic board repair techs have fixed hundreds of liquid damaged logic boards that official stores rejected to fix.

Hard Drive Replacement or Upgrade

Is your MacBook not booting, starts the Os and only shows the Apple logo, crashes frequently or is very slow, shows a flashing folder with a question mark; most likely the hard drive dive or ssd is damaged and has to be replaced.

Need extra storage in your MacBook?

Hard drive or SSD upgrades to increase storage space. If your Mac laptop is running low on space and you want to add additional storage then we can upgrade your internal drive to a much larger size so you can add to your ever expanding photo and music libraries!


Get Fast and Reliable MacBook Repairs Near You!

If you live or work in Broward County, Florida; Fix Apple Now - Weston is just about 19 minutes away and can help if you need to fix, restore, mend, reset or repair your broken Apple laptop nearby. We have years of experience behind us when it comes to returning Apple computers to their former glory and have a proven ability to deal with a host of issues successfully. Talk to us today if you need to fix your MacBook for less.


Can a MacBook be repaired?

They can be repaired by qualified and specialized professionals. If yours is broken we can fix it!

Is it worth fixing a MacBook?

If your device is not older than 10 years is almost always a better idea from a financial perspective to fix it, rather than purchasing a whole new one.


How much does it cost to fix a broken MacBook?

Prices depends on exact model number, year, the circumstances surrounding your laptop repairs and the parts that has to be replaced. We offer free estimates, visit one of our stores or give us a call for a free quote.

Is it worth it to replace MacBook battery?

Replacing your laptop battery is much easier and cheaper than buying a new computer. You will save time and a lot of money.

Is it worth it to repair screen on MacBook?

If you don't have Apple Care+ or warranty, replacing the screen is much easier, cheaper and faster than buying a whole new computer & if is worked on by a qualified and professional technician the screen will look the same again. You will save money.

How long would it take to repair your MacBook?

Most repairs will be completed within 1-3 days. For major repairs, we will strive to deliver your fixed device in less than 6 days.

Where can i get my MacBook repaired?

You can get your laptop repaired at our location, bellow you will find a map and driving directions to our store. Visit our store or give us a call.

We only use OEM Parts

Another essential aspect of our company is the fact that only genuine parts are used. Using original parts not only makes your device perform the same way as before, it also reduces the risk of malfunctioning as it often happens when fake parts are used. Our number one rule is to use best quality parts as it indeed helps in maintaining the integrity of your laptop and value.

Driving Directions

Below you can find driving directions from Google Maps to help you get from your current location to your nearest Fix Apple Now store located in Weston, Florida. You can click here for a larger map and driving directions.


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