What’s in Store for the 2019 iPhone?

iPhone 2019

It’s an Apple tradition to unveil the next model of iPhone at a special event in September, and it looks like 2019 will be no exception. Just like in past years, Apple has been very quiet so far about what we can expect to see from the 2019 iPhone. Of course, this secrecy hasn’t stopped rumors from swirling. Here’s our roundup of the latest gossip.

Three 2019 iPhone Models?

In general, Apple fans aren’t expecting any big changes to the sizes of 2019 iPhones. Analysts are predicting three new models in the same sizes as the iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max. (That would mean a 6.1-inch screen, a 5.8 inch, and a 6.5 inch.) The three 2019 iPhone models may be priced similarly to the 2018 models, with the successor to the iPhone XR being the most affordable of the three.

iPhone 2019 Cameras

Here’s one thing many Apple fans are dying to know: Will the 2019 iPhone feature a triple-camera system? Some of Apple’s competitors, like Samsung and Huawei, have already released smartphones made with three cameras. This setup allows for higher-resolution images, improved ability to zoom in on an object, better photography in low light, and more. But can iPhone users look forward to this feature in 2019?

Some anonymous leakers have been saying yes. Some sources are reporting that only the largest of the 2019 iPhone models will come with three cameras, while the other two will still have dual camera systems. However, there have been rumors that two of the 2019 models, or even all three of them, will have triple-camera systems. For now, there is quite a lot of speculation about 2019 iPhone cameras but very little concrete evidence.

5G for the 2019 iPhone?

5G wireless technology is here, although we’re still in the very early stages. Once it becomes more widely available, faster internet speeds and increased connectivity could potentially revolutionize the ways people use their smartphones and other devices. But is Apple prepared for the next generation of wireless communication?

Unfortunately, it seems very unlikely that the 2019 iPhone will have 5G compatibility. The problem is that Apple relies on other companies to make chips for its phones. Apple was originally depending on Intel to provide a 5G compatible chip, but that plan fell through, leaving Apple in a bind. The good news is that Apple recently ended a legal battle with Qualcomm and will probably be partnering with them to create a 5G-compatible iPhone. The bad news is that an iPhone with 5G will probably not be available until 2020.

Chargers and Battery Life

There’s been plenty of speculation about the 2020 iPhone charger and battery. Some iPhone users are hopeful that the 2019 models may come with an 18W USB-C charger in the box. This would allow users to enjoy faster charging without having to buy another charger. The 2019 iPhone may also feature two-way wireless charging, meaning you could be able to use your new iPhone to charge your AirPods while on the go.

What about the 2019 iPhone’s battery? Some analysts are predicting larger battery sizes, in part to accommodate two-way wireless charging. This could lead to a longer battery life, although some Apple fans may not appreciate the thicker design.

iPhone 2019 Displays

2019 may be the last year that an iPhone with an LCD screen is available. Starting in 2020, every new iPhone will be made with an OLED display, according to some reports. For the 2019 iPhone, many fans are expecting to see two models with OLED displays and one lower-cost model with an LCD display.

Until Then

For now, that’s what we know (or at least what we’ve heard) about the 2019 iPhone. Of course, none of our questions will truly be answered until September. In the meantime, like Apple fans around the world, we’ll keep waiting for the next rumor and do our best to help you keep your current iPhone in tip-top shape. At Fix Apple Now, our certified Apple technicians stay up to date on new technology so we can serve customers no matter what version of the iPhone they have. If you have an iPhone from any year that’s in need of repairs, contact us to discuss how we can help.