What makes the Apple Watch 2 Tick?


Cupertino’s second gen smartwatch, the Apple Watch Series 2 is the making heads turn with its focus shift to fitness, GPS tracking, relaxation and waterproof technology. If you love your Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and iPod, you might as well add the Apple Watch 2 to your collection.

The beauty behind the watch

Choose from a variety of aluminum designed colors of gold, rose gold, silver and space grey appearances on your new Apple Watch 2. You may choose a stainless steel case selection and the new white ceramic design, but say goodbye to gold plated. Designer partnerships dominate the design team with a big nod to Hermès, that offers calfskin leathers and an exclusive orange Hermès Sport Band, if that’s your thing. There is an array of fashionable straps too, that allow flexibility in style.

Let’s go for a swim.

Fully water resistant, the Apple Watch Series 2 provides tracking capabilities and a waterproof design to allow swimmers to jump into a pool or open water and go for a swim. Be aware, though, the device has limitations. The new, advanced Apple Watch is water resistant with a rating of IPX7, which basically means that it’s all right to wear the Apple Watch in the shower or if you wash your hands and wrists, but submerging the Series 2 watch for more than 30 minutes means that you should limit your swimming exercise. Apple touts that the watch is water resistant up to 50 meters, which equates to approximately 164 feet. Not bad for being water resistant. Maybe the disclaimer is put forth to protect Apple from anyone who a demands a replacement watch with claims of water damage from swimming. Know your disclaimers, folks. Know your disclaimers and read your warranty.

There are many pros and cons to the Apple Watch Series 2 underwater. Yes, it’s cool, so that’s always a plus, but take into consideration that the touch screen and Force touch will not work while the Apple Watch is underwater. If you are diligent about logging exercise, you’ll need to wait until you take your watch out of the water. If you are too busy swimming to log while submerged, then you should be fine.

Tracking the apps

Sure, there is a new Breath app that can supposedly help you relax, but, most of the Apple Watch apps are focused on tracking you and fitness. If you own a Fitbit or other sports watch, you’ll love its ability to track your fitness goals. Unfortunately, Fitbit still wins out for its popular, friendly competition hustles.

If you want to get rid of some of your app selections, just clear them out on your Apple Watch app that should be downloaded on your phone.

Wearing it is only the beginning. Track your GPS, heart rate and get the stats for a total workout with your Apple Watch. Leave your iPhone tucked away and measure your fitness with the Apple Watch internal technology. The screen has clear visibility, even on a sunny day, and it’s easy to track distance and speed on a walk, run or bike ride. You can even map out the best route for your exercise plan.

Do more with texts

Draw, text and get more emotional with the Apple Watch iOS 3. You might want to write and send texts, with the latest iOS 3. Human interaction has a whole new twist these days when it comes to flashy gifs, emojis, personal drawings and beating hearts.

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