We Found Cockroaches in Computers

When an Apple user brings their computer in for service, they rarely consider that the problems they’re experiencing could be due to bugs of the six-legged variety, not the electronic kind. Although it may sound like an urban legend, cockroach infestation in Apple computers is a real thing. And we’ve seen it first-hand.

Why do roaches like to live in computers?

Why are cockroaches attracted to your computer? Well, the inside of your computer is a dark, warm and secluded environment – if you’re a roach, it’s the perfect environment. And since most people eat and drink while using their computers, there are always plenty of scraps around for the roaches to eat. So MacBooks can provide both food and shelter to roaches and other insects.

Why you don’t want roaches living in your computer?

It’s bad enough that cockroaches have the potential to spread disease-causing germs. They can also ruin your computer. But what kind of damage can cockroaches in computers do? 

The problems start when the roaches settle in and begin laying eggs, vomiting partially digested food, dropping feces everywhere and dying. This detritus builds up inside of the computer to the point where it can affect operations. Roaches also have a tendency to accidentally kill themselves when coming into contact with the computer’s high voltage components, causing it to short out. These damages can result in costly repairs.

Just imagine, when you find cockroaches in computers, they have been busy eating and snuggling up near your warm, dark and secluded logic board. Doesn’t that make you want to keep your computer clean?

What can you do to get rid of them?

How do you get rid of a cockroach infestation?  There are several different approaches you can use. These include:

  • Poisons. Use a pesticide formulated to be effective against cockroach infestation. Poison baits are preferable to an insecticide spray, which could cause further damage to your computer. You can make your own bait by mixing 50/50 boric acid or baking soda and flour. Add some water to the mixture to turn it into a doughy substance, and then roll it into small balls. Sprinkle some confectioner’s sugar for added appeal. Place the balls near your computer. The good thing about this bait is that although boric acid is highly toxic for insects, it is relatively harmless to humans and pets in small amounts.
  • Compressed air. Blow roaches out using a can of compressed air with a thin spray tip.
  • Professional help. Call an experienced pest control professional to rid your computer of its cockroach infestation.

Preventing cockroaches in computers

Actually, Fix Apple Now repair techs encounter cockroaches in computers more than they’d like. In fact, it’s so common that repair technicians can diagnose the problem just by the smell of a computer. Cockroaches in computers eat food that gets inside the guts of a Mac, therefore, feces give off an unpleasant odor. The dry feces often doesn’t emit much odor, however, mold growing on the feces is generally responsible for a cockroach smell.

To prevent cockroaches in computers, keep the area around your computer clean and remember not to leave any food or drink lying around. You’ll also want to inspect your computer regularly to make sure you don’t experience another cockroach infestation.

Are you being bugged by MacBook problems?

No matter what type of Apple computer you use – iMac, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, or Mac mini – call Fix Apple Now to diagnose the problem. Our techs can make the needed repairs and many times have it back to you within 24 hours after repairs are complete. Our Apple computer repair services include: housing repairs, memory upgrades, cracked monitors, and yes, even getting rid of cockroaches in computers.