iPad Pro 11″ 3rd Gen Battery


iPad Pro 11" 3rd Gen Battery Replacement Service

Does your iPad Pro 11"3rd generation battery drain too fast? Or may be it charges too slow, or shows only apple logo and shuts off? Over time, the capacity of tablet batteries deteriorates, leaving you in a constant state of charging your device. For the average user, the lifespan of iPad battery is normally around 2 years. With age, devices do get slower and batteries die a lot quicker.

This repair is recommended if the battery life on your tablet has degraded since purchase or If your iPad battery drains very quickly. We can do this repair fast, repair parts in stock. Your iPad Pro 11"3rd gen will work like new after battery replacement!

Use our in-store service, stop by at our location for fast turnaround repairs.

Our iPad Battery Repair Service Covers

  • iPad doesn't charge
  • Battery dies too fast
  • Shuts off randomly
  • Doesn't charge over certain point