Mac Viruses: Stay Away From MacKeeper Utility Suite

While it used to be said that there was no such thing as a Mac virus (“only PCs get viruses”), today nothing could be further from the truth: viruses are equal opportunity offenders, effecting all sorts of systems and setups. While some viruses do their best to hide from you and any anti-virus protection your computer may have, newer viruses do not even act like viruses at all.


Take MacKeeper, for example. This software suite, initially published as a legitimate utility program meant to help speed up your computer, was purchased by a different company, Kromtech Alliance, and turned into what is known as “malware.” Though this type of software does not attempt to spread itself like a virus, relying instead on voluntary user downloads, it can still result in a great degradation of your computer’s speed and processing power.

MacKeeper, for example, is at the center of a class-action lawsuit from those users who paid money for the program to essentially slow down their computer. The program was able to spread thanks to a monthly count of 60 million advertisements and a host of other false and misleading marketing tricks, including fake reviews and paid testimonials.

While programs like MacKeeper may be easy to get onto your computer, they are often very difficult to erase. A simple uninstall, for example, will leave a whole host of MacKeeper’s files on a computer, many of which run “in the background” while you are using your computer, slowing it down without you even knowing they are there.

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