Is It Time to Get an SSD Upgrade?

Is It Time to Get an SSD Upgrade?

Is It Time to Get an SSD Upgrade?

Have you ever wondered what part of your computer is in charge of storing all of your important data? Well, that depends on the make and model. For older computers, it’s the hard disk drive (HDD). For newer models, or those who have upgraded, it’s the solid-state drive or SSD. The primary physical difference between the two is that unlike HDDs, SSDs are more compact and do not have moving parts. However, the most noticeable difference is the performance. Compared to HDDs, SSDs are faster, quieter and more energy efficient. For this reason, all of Apple’s current line of MacBook’s come with SSD, and current iMacs include it as an option.

There are several reasons to get an SSD upgrade aside from just being up to date with the newest technology. For those on the fence, weighing the pros and cons, or the ones who are just learning that there is even a difference, we have outlined the key benefits of getting an SSD upgrade.

Slow start?

Making the switch from HDD to SSD can dramatically decrease the time it takes for your computer to boot up. Even if your computer already has SSD, you may experience slow boot times if you’re running low on storage space. An SSD upgrade could be an effective solution, especially if you’ve already deleted all the files you can spare. Either way, if your computer wakes up like a millennial on a Monday, it’s probably time for an SSD upgrade.

Better performance.

An SSD upgrade can boost your computer’s performance overall, and allow programs to open more quickly. This will and reduce the number of times programs will slow down or freeze. If you’re tired of watching the spinning beach ball while trying to work or play a game, an SSD upgrade is your solution.

Store large files with ease.

If your job or hobbies require you to store a lot of large files, such as large design or video files, you know that those files take up a lot of storage space. An SSD upgrade will give your computer some more storage space, allowing you to store everything you need. This will reduce the need to archive files and allow you to keep more computer space free for the important files that you need.

SSD upgrades are more affordable than ever.

SSDs do tend to cost a little more than HDDs. However, as SSD upgrades have become more common, they’ve also become more affordable. Once you consider the numerous significant benefits, they are well worth the investment, saving you time and stress. So, if cost is one reason you’ve been putting off an upgrade, you may want to research your current options. Some of them may not be as expensive as you’d think.

Trust the experts with you SSD upgrade.

When you decide to make the switch to a more efficient device, consider getting a trained Apple technician to upgrade your SSD. Fix Apple Now can answer all your questions about data storage options and give your Mac the upgrade it needs without requiring the long wait or high prices. Contact us or come by and visit our shop in person, were happy to answer any questions you may have.

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