Getting Pumped for the Apple Watch 5

Getting Pumped for the Apple Watch 5

Sure, Apple has not yet acknowledged the existence of an Apple Watch 5. And with all the fantastic design changes that accompanied the Apple Watch 4, should we really be on pins and needles for the Apple Watch 5? Well… yes, of course! The Apple Watch 5 is destined to build on the improvements in the Series 4, and since last year’s release gave us so many core design upgrades, Apple designers have probably been compelled to make improvements in more inventive places–like the watch band and its charging capabilities.

So far, every Apple Watch (except the very first version) has been introduced during Apple’s annual September launch event, and the Apple Watch 5 should be no exception. We already have some information about the updated Apple watchOS 6 as well as some scintillating tech rumors to help us speculate about what could be in store for the Apple Watch 5.

Design Changes
Because the Series 4 included some major design advancements, the Apple Watch 5 will probably look very similar. But if this design cycle follows Apple’s typical pattern, the Apple Watch 5 will be slightly thinner and lighter than its predecessor.

The greatest buzz surrounds the potential for the watch band rather than the watch body. Apple owns a patent for a smart band that would include a camera and data transfer capabilities. If the Apple Watch 5 features a smart band option, the additional power and sensing technology of the band could improve battery life, augment its fitness and health tracking abilities, and boost the fun you can have sharing photos on the go.

Speed and Battery Performance
Every new Apple Watch release has included improvements in speed and battery life. And because competing devices like the FitBit have battery lives long enough to accommodate sleep tracking, a feature the Apple Watch battery has not been able to consistently provide, Apple is hot on the trail of anything that can improve battery life. Exactly how it will get there is still unknown, but the prospects are exciting.

Rumor has it that the 2019 Apple release might include iPhones that can charge the Apple Watch 5 wirelessly, a convenience that could solve many of Apple Watch’s battery woes. Even if we don’t see wireless charging technology in 2019, it’s likely right around the corner, so be on the lookout for similarly inventive–and frankly, awesome–solutions to drive up the Apple Watch 5’s speed and battery life.

News of talks with microLED display manufacturers have everyone buzzing about a switch from OLED screens to microLED screens in upcoming Apple Watch releases, but because these negotiations are happening in summer 2019, this technology will probably not be released to the public until late 2020. Stay tuned, though.

Health and Fitness Support
Apple has long framed the Apple Watch as a health and fitness device, even mentioning the possibility of blood pressure and blood glucose monitoring. Some reports suggest that these features could be built into the rumored smart band rather than the body of the watch itself, but development of those features may be a reach for 2019. Still, expect to see at least one new health and fitness-related feature in the Apple Watch 5.

Some outlets have suggested Apple might add running cadence tracking or workout sharing among users to keep up with competitors like Garmin. We already know the new watchOS 6 supports menstrual and fertility cycle tracking as well as new apps for voice memos and audiobooks, so even if we don’t see a ton of design changes in 2019, we’ll definitely see more health and lifestyle app integrations.

The price for an Apple Watch is unlikely to go down, although we could see a slight reduction in price for the watch body if Apple offers a smart band add-on option. That said, the price will probably end up somewhere between $399 and $459.

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