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MacBook SSD UpgradeMacBook SSD Upgrade & Replacement

Have you ever wondered what part of your MacBook is in charge of storing all of your important data? Well, that depends on the year and model. For older models, it’s the hard disk drive (HDD). For newer models, or those who have upgraded, it’s the solid-state drive or SSD. The primary physical difference between the two is that unlike HDDs, SSDs are more compact, fast and do not have moving parts. However, the most noticeable difference is the performance. Compared to HDDs, SSDs are faster, quieter and more energy efficient. For this reason, all current line of laptops come with SSD, and current MacBooks include it as an option.

Need extra storage in your MacBook?

Hard drive or SSD upgrades to increase your MacBook laptop internal storage space.
If your MacBook is running low on space and you want to add additional storage then we can upgrade your internal drive to a much larger size so you can add to your ever expanding iPhoto and iTunes Libraries!

An SSD upgrade can boost your computer’s performance overall, and allow programs to open more quickly. This will reduce the number of times programs will slow down or freeze. If you’re tired of watching the spinning beach ball while trying to work or play a game, an SSD upgrade is your solution.

SSD Upgrade Capacity Options:


List of SSD-upgradeable MacBook models:

o MacBook Air 11”: A1370 (2010-2011), A1465 (2012-2015)
o MacBook Air 13”: A1369 (2010-2011), A1466 (2012-2017)
o MacBook Pro 13”: A1278 (2009-2012), A1425 (2012-2013), A1502 (2013-2015), A1708 (2016-2017)
o MacBook Pro 15”: A1286 (2008-2012), A1398 (2012-2015

For newer modes we can also offer a different solution.


How to Identify your MacBook model

If your device powers on and functions normally:

• Power on your device
• Log into your user account
• Open the menu (click on the logo at the top left corner of display)
• Click on “About this Mac”
• Your desktop basic identifying information is now displayed on screen
• Operating system version
• Device model, year and specifications
• Further details available by clicking “System Report”

If your device does not power on:

• Flip your MacBook onto its back so you can see the bottom of the laptop, where some text is written
• A model number consisting of the letter "A" followed by four digits number (e.g. “A####”) can be found there
• For further differentiation between model variants, an EMC number (e.g. “EMC ####”) is also provided

Qualified Apple Technicians

Fix Apple Now offers certified professional techs, top quality parts, and friendly knowledgeable staff to help you. And because we specialize in Apple products, our tech specialists have the expertise required to make certified Apple MacBook upgrades. Our professional upgrades are reflected by customer’s Yelp and Google reviews and show that people see Fix Apple Now as the best MacBook upgrades in the Miami area.

Upgrade Your MacBook in Weston and Nearby Areas

If you live or work near Weston, FL or its surroundings, Fix Apple Now is just 30 minutes away and can help if you need to upgrade your Apple MacBook. We have years of experience behind us when it comes to returning Apple products to their former glory and have a proven ability to deal with a host of issues successfully. We always try to fix your device quickly without making compromises on quality so you don't need to be without it for longer than is necessary, so why not drop us a line today to find out more?

More and more MacBook owners are heading straight to Fix Apple Now when they need affordable, high-quality upgrades. Talk to us today if you need to upgrade your MacBook for less. Over the years, we've built a team of expert technicians who are never happy until they've delivered the outstanding service you require.

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