Confessions at a Genius Bar

Confessions of a Genius Bar

Apple stores communicate casual and comfort, plus they sell cool products and have their own Genius Bar. A Genius Bar is Apple’s answer to in-store tech support. You make an appointment online and go to an Apple store to have someone troubleshoot your computer or device issues.

When you sell the most coolest products on the planet, Apple has to put out the best customer service possible. That’s why certified resale shops have to make sure they maintain positive customer relations and roll out the red carpet to customers. When you own an Apple product, it’s something you just learn to expect, especially at the Genius Bar: the best service, computers, smart devices and technical support.

Apple’s Genius Bar service has high standards, so other Apple tech or Apple repair shop has to be able to offer the same high quality service. There’s not a lot written about the Genius Bar service because, like most successful corporations, Apple employees are expected to keep their lips sealed about upcoming products, abnormal glitches and operations, like iOS updates.

Apple employees are instructed to keep quiet about anything Cupertino-related, but the Apple service model isn’t hard to decipher: Greet your customers with a smile, make sure you solve computer issues and above all, make sure all customers leave happy. At the end of the day, Apple just wants to make sure the customer loves his or her Apple product. Anyone that owns an Apple notebook, tablet or computer most likely confesses that it Apple is one of their most favorite things in the world. If they have to visit the Genius Bar, it’s important they leave feeling the same positive feeling they felt when they originally purchased the Apple product.

After AppleCare

So, if you stroll into an Apple store to purchase Apple products and receive high-standard service, you will want to make sure you get the same thing at your local Apple repair shop, right? That’s why certified Apple repair facilities have to make sure they are putting customers first and ensuring quality repair services. The Genius Bar sets standard for taking care of Apple customers. It might behoove you to find a local Apple repair shop or consider waiting for an appointment at the Genius Bar to get your Apple fixed.

Apple techs that work on the Genius Bar are said to have extensive knowledge of Apple products, and the goal is to work with a customer one-on-one in order to provide educational tools, technical support and be able to troubleshoot any hardware problems. Certified Apple techs can also work at any local computer repair shop and have the ability to repair hardware and software problems on Apple products. Find out which customer service options works best for you. Get quotes for repairs and learn the best ways to keep your Apple products working and in great shape, Remember, you don’t have to head to the Genius Bar in order to get the job done right.

Sourcing the best Apple repairs

If you are looking for an Apple repair shop in your area, consider a smaller Apple repair shop and call ahead and inquire if they have any Apple certified techs on staff. Heading to a local store might save you time in the long run since Apple stores aren’t always close by your house.

Whether you own one Apple product or several, at the end of the day, you need reliable, professional repair options for the inevitable broken device or need for an upgrade. Consider Fix Apple Now for mail-ins or drop off repairs. Fix Apple Now can help with cracked screens, hardware issues, upgrades and RAM support. We also sell refurbished Apple products at affordable prices. #FixAppleNow