Apple Watch vs the Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch

In the first quarter of 2018, Apple produced about 47 of every 100 smartwatches sold. Their next closest competitor, Samsung, sells about 10 of every 100 sold. The abilities of smartwatches have increased over the years to the point where they offer a dazzling range of applications, although many of them are centered around health and fitness. According to many Apple Watch reviews, most smartwatch users are primarily interested in their fitness apps.

Some are saying the Apple Watch 4 is a significant upgrade in many respects compared to models 2 and 3. But to start this Apple Watch review, the tech team at Fix Apple Now has compared the basics of the Apple Watch 4 and its closest competitor, the Samsung Galaxy smartwatch.

Bodies and Displays

Both Apple and Samsung watches are available in your choice of two body sizes and display sizes. The Apple Watch is a bit lighter than the Galaxy watch, and about 15% thinner. The square shape of the Apple 4 enables a bigger screen, 1.57” or 1.78” for the Apple Watch 4 vs. 1.2″ and 1.3” for the Galaxy. Apple Watch reviews report that its Retina screen is easy to read in daylight, but people are saying the same about Samsung’s super-AMOLED display.


According to Apple Watch reviews and Galaxy reviews, both have many of the same basic features, including:

  • Accelerometer
  • Gyroscope
  • GPS
  • Altimeter
  • Ambient light
  • Optical heart rate sensors
  • Bluetooth
  • Wifi

Apple Watch reviews and Galaxy reviews report that both are water-resistant, so you can wear them swimming or taking a shower after your workout, but not diving or water-skiing, where the pressure of the water could damage your watch.


In terms of looks, the two watches are again similar but different. The Samsung is round like a traditional wristwatch and the Apple watch is more of a rounded square, but the Apple is a little thinner than the Galaxy. Both offer a variety of case materials and colors and there are, of course, lots of aftermarket straps available for both. So personal taste is a big factor here, whether you prefer a round or a square watch.

You may want to know, though, that one Apple Watch review on the website Digital Trends summed up the round vs square debate by saying, “To not buy the Series 4 because of this (the shape) is the wrong decision, because you’re missing out on a beautifully-made, highly wearable, and with the right strap and body color combination, damn attractive smartwatch.”

The Apple Watch Advantages

Apple has gone the extra mile in creating a smartwatch that is aimed at helping you not just track your health data but also manage your health. Many Apple Watch reviews are reporting good things about the device’s many health-related uses.

Any Apple Watch review or review of the Samsung watch should note that both watches have many similarities in their health and fitness apps. Both offer a variety of similar capabilities such as being able to monitor and track your workouts. Both are able to measure your heart rate and track and manage all sorts of pre-programmed and custom workouts, and can even recognize when you start a workout and can store all this health data on your smartphone.

But the Apple Watch then goes much further. In addition to the ability to sense your heart rate, Apple Watch reviews note, the Apple 4 can also create an FDA- approved single-lead-type electrocardiogram and detect when you have an abnormal or irregular heartbeat, and can be set to alert you if your heart rate gets too high or too low.

Some features can improve users’ safety as well as personal health. For example, falling is a serious health risk for many seniors. According to Apple Watch reviews, Apple has added a fall detector that not only senses a fall but can automatically alert friends, family, and emergency medical personnel. In addition, a recent study of more than 6000 people determined that the Apple Watch was also able to detect sleep apnea with 90% accuracy and hypertension with 82% accuracy. So some Apple Watch reviews are praising the device’s safety functions.

A recent Apple Watch review called the Apple Watch “The best smartwatch, now even better.” With a sleek appearance and a variety of health and fitness features, it may turn out to be the smartwatch of choice for health-conscious tech users.

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