Apple News: Could Apple Implement New 3d Xpoint SSD?

In the latest Apple news being reported by MacWorld and MacRumors, it’s speculated that Apple could implement a brand new type of solid state drive into their computers to make them faster. These news outlets are reporting that a new product from Intel could speed up computers, and we’re here to tell you how this could impact you as a consumer!

What is a SSD?

A solid state drive is similar to a hard drive in a sense that it stores media, but different because it can do it quicker. A hard drive has to physically read and write data onto a disc, while a solid state drive doesn’t have to, therefore making the process of saving and opening files much faster.

Don’t Macs already have SSDs?

Yes, some Macs are already coming equipped with solid state drives, but a new iteration of the solid state drive from Intel could allow Apple to roll out computers with an updated version of the technology.

The new SSD: 3D Xpoint

The new SSD is called 3D Xpoint (pronounced crosspoint), and it is the latest new technology from Intel. According to MacRumors and Intel, 3D Xpoint is 1,000 times faster and more durable than existing flash storage. It’s labeled as a “major breakthrough in memory process technology.” It allows cells to be addressed individually, allowing data packets to be sent in smaller sizes, thus allowing them to be read and written much faster. It allows memory packets to be stacked in a 3D manner (hence the name, 3D Xpoint).
Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 2.18.17 PM

MacWorld notes that Apple is often one of the first companies to jump on Intel’s new technology, so there’s reason to expect Apple will do the same in the future with this technology. It’s not clear when these new solid state drives could show up in Apple computers, but it could be the next big breakthrough for Apple computing when they do start showing up.

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