Apple News: Competitors Come To Aide In FBI Case

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In a rare showing of solidarity, many of the largest tech companies have come to the defense of Apple in their case with the FBI. Companies including Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Reddit, AirBNB, Twitter, Intel and AT&T have all filed amicus briefs in support of Apple refusing to cooperate with the FBI.

For months the FBI has been asking Apple to develop software that would allow them to gain access to an iPhone used by Syed Farook, one of the San Bernardino shooters. Apple has stated that doing so would violate their customer’s privacy, and that if they comply, similar requests will follow in other cases.

The FBI is unable to hack its way into iPhones because of an Apple software security feature that comes pre-installed on the phones. If there are too many incorrect password attempts, the phone may erase all of the data. This prevents the FBI from gaining access, which is why they are asking Apple to develop special software that would allow them to bypass this feature.

The tech industry giants filed the briefs in an attempt to bolster Apple’s case against the FBI. While many of these companies seemed hesitant to enter into the fight at first, the language in their briefs now shows unequivocal support in favor of Apple. These companies are most likely afraid that, should Apple lose and be forced to help the FBI, it will set a precedent that will impact them in the future.

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