App Reviews: 4 Must Have Apps For Your iPhone

One of the best things about owning an iPhone is all of the apps that you can download on to it. These apps greatly expand what your iPhone can do, and you can download many of them for free.Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 3.50.55 PM If you want to make sure that you have the best new technology and apps on your phone, start with these 4 below:

  1. Evernote – Smartphones help us be more productive, by giving us access to everything we need while we are on the go. If you are someone who likes to take notes, then Evernote is a must have. This note-taking app makes it easy to jot things down quickly and organize them, and it will sync with all of your devices. That means what you type on your iPhone will appear in your computer’s web browser as well.
  2. Google Maps – Never be lost again by having the best location app out there. Google Maps will help you get to your destination, whether it is by car, mass transit, bike or walking, and will give you step by step directions if you need them.
  3. Mint – Having access to your bank account information while on the go can help you to manage your money better, and with Mint you can do just that. Mint displays all of your financial information in an easy-to-read manner, so that you are always aware of your financial situation.
  4. SwiftKey – Lastly, we have SwiftKey. Since smartphones rarely have physical keyboards anymore, we all need to type using the on-screen keyboard. This is a little time-consuming, and difficult if you have big fingers. With SwiftKey, you can simply drag your finger from letter to letter, and the app will determine what words you were trying to type. It is a simpler and faster way to type, making it easier to type long messages on your phone.

There are thousands of apps available on the App Store, and each one adds a different function to your phone. By getting the best apps you can get the most out of your phone, and customize it in a way that suits you best. If you want to hear about some more great iPhone apps, feel free to contact us.