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MacBook Pro Audio Jack Repair

Our team is specialist in MacBook Pro audio jack repair and offers efficient audio jack replacement for your MacBook Pro model.

Is your MacBook Pro headphone jack giving you problems? Does it not play music when you plug in earphones? Did the earphones break off & now the jack is stuck inside? Does it play only one channel, no audio / music coming from your headphones when connected to your MacBook Pro or is it just a bad connection. Could mean your audio jack is faulty.

Our MacBook Pro Audio Jack Replacement Covers

If your MacBook Pro has one or more of the following symptoms, it is time to replace your faulty audio jack.

  • sound crackling
  • sound distortion
  • sound too quiet
  • connector brokenĀ 
  • no audio from headphones
  • jack is stuck inside

These days there are various qualities of MacBook Pro replacement parts on the market. We make sure that we use the highest quality parts available. You may be able to find other repair stores, which can provide repairs using cheaper lower quality parts. These parts will be poor copies, will fail prematurely and will never be as good as the original ones. We only use Original Quality Parts or OEM.

Repairs Near You

For local repairs visit our nearest store in your area, walk-ins are welcome, or use our secure mail-in repair option to fix your MacBook Pro headphone if you are located too far.

Choose our repair service for 24 hours or less service time on repairs, quality Apple parts, and more affordable prices than officials stores.

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