MacBook Air Keyboard Repair



MacBook Air Keyboard Repair

Our team is specialist in MacBook Air keyboard repair and offers affordable and efficient keyboard replacement for your MacBook Air model.

Did you spill water or another liquid on your MacBook Air keyboard? If some or all keys don’t respond, or power button is acting up, the bottom casing is broken or is your Apple laptop keyboard damaged by a liquid spill? Fix Apple Now is committed to providing every client with the best possible MacBook Air keyboard replacement service.

Our MacBook Air keyboard replacement is cheaper than official stores. We only charge you for the spare parts and the labor, not the brand. And we charge a fixed price, so you know exactly what you’re paying before you give us your laptop.


Use Our MacBook Air Keyboard Repair If:

– Spilled liquid on keyboard
– Some keys don’t work
– Power button acts up
– Bottom casing cracked
No matter whether it is a simple issue associated with the individual keys on your laptop keyboard or you have an entire damaged or faulty keyboard unit, we will fix it within the shortest possible time. We can fix all types of keyboard issues such as unresponsive keyboard, broken keys, loose keys, some of the keys are missing, sticky keys on laptop keyboard, keys won’t function and liquid spilled MacBook Air model keyboard issues.
With a stock of spare parts, we can provide you a genuine quality replacement for your Apple laptop keyboard including top case with keyboard, trackpad and bottom case replacement. You can bring in your Apple Mac notebook to our repair store or mail-in to us.
Our keyboard replacement service prolongs the life of your MacBook Air. Don’t spend hundreds or thousands on a new laptop just because the keyboard has stopped working. Call us first.

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