Preparing for Apple Tech Support Help

Preparing for Apple Tech Support Help

Are you preparing to bring your phone in to an Apple tech support professional? Wait! Before you do, it’s important that you know how to prepare your device and what to bring with you. Follow these tips:

Back up the device.

Before any repair work is done on your Apple product, be sure to back up everything. You never know what an Apple tech support professional will need to do to fix your iPhone, iPad or Mac computer, so losing your information is always a risk. To backup your information on the iCloud, simply go to your device’s settings, tap iCloud, and then Backup. Then, tap on back up now and stay connected to a WiFi network until the device is completely done with the process.

Write down your password.

Depending on the issue with your device, the Apple tech support team member may need you to provide your Apple ID and password. No, they won’t want to view your private information or see what music you’ve downloaded in iTunes, so don’t worry. This information is sometimes needed to turn off Find My iPhone and erase the contents of your device to perform a repair. If you leave your phone with an Apple tech support professional and don’t provide this information, you may delay the completion of your repair.

Bring any relevant accessories.

Are you asking an Apple tech support professional why your iPhone battery is draining quickly? If so, it’s important to bring your phone’s charger with you in case the support team member needs to test it to see for himself. Having trouble hearing out of headphones when they’re plugged into your iPad’s audio jack? Then bring the exact pair of headphones that you’ve been using with you to your appointment. Without these accessories, the Apple tech support professional may not be able to fix the issue you’re facing.

Unpair your devices.

Are you choosing to send your device in so an Apple tech support professional can repair it? If so, make sure it’s not connected to your Apple watch device before you send it in. When you complete the process of disconnecting the two devices, the iPhone will automatically backup the watch. Once your phone returns from being repaired, you can use it to restore the information on your watch and reconnect the two devices.

Remove unnecessary parts.

If you do choose to send in your iPhone for repair instead of physically bring it into a store, be sure to remove the outer case and screen cover before doing so. This will ensure that these parts do not get lost or damaged during the repair process. Keep them in a safe place with you at home until your phone has been fixed and sent back.

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