Our Top Predictions for the iPhone 11

Our Top Predictions for the iPhone 11

Apple’s September Event is almost here, and rumors about the iPhone 11 have been circulating since the 2019 WWDC. As usual, Apple wants all new innovation to be a big surprise for fans, but loves to drop Easter eggs to keep us on our toes and speculating. However, there are a few features that the tech experts at Fix Apple Now are expecting to see on September 10.

Here are our iPhone 11 predictions:

1. Three sizes to choose from
Most people expect the iPhone 11 be available in three sizes, like the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR that were released in 2018. And like last year, we’ll probably be given a choice between two higher-end models (like the XS and XS Max) and one model that’s more affordable (like the XR.) There’s been a lot of speculation about what these models will be called, including rumors that we may be seeing an iPhone 11 Pro. However, if Apple decides to stick with the same naming conventions they used in 2018, we are more likely to see the “iPhone 11R”.

2. A three-camera system
One of the most popular rumors about the iPhone 11 is that it will feature three rear cameras. Some of Apple’s competitors have already released phones with three (or more) cameras, and we expect Apple to catch up in 2019. A three-camera system allows you to take in a wider view of the scene you’re photographing and offers more options for zooming in or out. It also creates richer, more detailed photographs.

If the new iPhones do include three cameras, it will probably only be the more expensive models. We predict that the lower-end iPhone 11 will still come with two cameras as Apple has done in the past.

3. An A13 chip
New iPhones usually come with upgraded chips, and we don’t think the iPhone 11 will be an exception. The A13 chip will be the fastest one Apple has created so far, and we’re looking forward to seeing what it can do. We’re expecting it to have AMX, also known as a matrix co-processor, which will enable it to perform more math-related functions. This could enhance any functions that use artificial intelligence, including augmented reality features.

4. OLED and LCD display
The 2018 iPhone lineup gave Apple fans a few choices in displays. The iPhone XS and XS Max both feature OLED displays, which create sharper images with brighter colors, while the XR uses an LCD display. We think the three models of the iPhone 11 will continue this trend, with OLED displays in the higher-priced phones and an LCD display for the more affordable model. Apple will likely switch to making all of their phones with OLED displays in the future, but we don’t think that will happen in 2019.

5. Increased durability
Several of the rumors about the iPhone 11 have focused on the phone’s durability which for many of us, is the biggest reason to upgrade. Judging from customer demand and the trend of their upgrades we predict better water resistance than previous models, although it still won’t be fully waterproof. We predict a more shatter-resistant glass, so it stands a better chance of common mishaps.

Overall, we don’t think the iPhone 11 will be radically different from the 2018 models, but there will be some head-turning improvements. Stay tuned for our thoughts on the changes announced on September 10, 2019.

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