Android Auto vs. Apple CarPlay

Android-Auto-vs-Apple CarPlay
In the tech world, Android vs. Apple plays a big part of the device debate. And, the competition is heating up, as both Google and Apple have released products designed to make using your smartphones easier and safer when driving. But, which an infotainment system is the better deal?

We decided to compare the Android Auto versus the Apple CarPlay and here is how the two handled the in-car traffic.


Both in-car navigational displays mirror their respective devices. Whether you are an Apple fan or Android user, you will enjoy used to the same organizational methodology.

The Android version of this device features wallpaper that can be customized with icons across the bottom, which drivers can use to make phone calls, ask for directions, browse through apps or return to the home screen. Because these icons are located at the bottom, the rest of the screen is reserved primarily for notifications of new text messages or phone calls.

It’s no surprise Apple CarPlay features the classic, square icon look that has now been used across all Apple devices. This makes Apple CarPlay much easier to navigate, especially for those users who solely use Apple products in their day-to-day lives.


Both of these systems are designed to help keep drivers’ focus on the road so of course, a lot of apps are not accessible through the Android system or Apple CarPlay because of liability issues. Neither company wants to be responsible for driver accidents due to playing games or watching movies while driving, so the apps primarily center around auditory perks, like podcasts, radio stations and audiobooks.

Apple CarPlay currently doesn’t offer Skype or WhatsApp, but the Android model does, which gives those users the advantage. When in the system is in use, Apple CarPlay locks the handset to prevent the use of unsafe apps while driving and Android Auto has a similar lockout protection.


Obviously, Apple CarPlay comes outfitted with Apple Maps, while the Android version features Google Maps. Both of these tools are more than capable of getting you where you need to go, so it really depends on which you prefer. But, one benefit of Android Auto is it will keep you informed of any traffic issues on the road ahead, so you can adjust your route, as needed. In fact, it will even offer you suggestions on how you can get around the traffic jam based on your current location. This feature is currently not available through the navigation app on Apple CarPlay. The Apple system will show you where traffic blockages are using red markers, but it will not vocally inform you of upcoming roadblocks. CarPlay Maps will help you navigate and offer pit stops with restaurant, gas and shopping recommendations that are located nearby.

The winner?

Both systems have powerful voice command tools with Google Now and Siri and allow calendar reminders and get answers to common trivia questions. The internal design is what separates these two, with Apple’s simple design and user-friendly features versus Android’s more complex navigation. But in the end, your phone will determine your best bet.

Both Apple Carplay and Android Auto have their pros and cons. Of course, it may come down to what type of device you currently own and are familiar with when choosing an in-car system. Apple aficionados may not want to stray too far away from their beloved Apple products, while Android users will feel the same way about their devices.

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